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Phakamisa Online aims to bridge the gap between SMMEs and big conglomerates by offering SMMEs websites at prices that they can afford while still having a professional image.


Phakamisa Online aims to expand our reach to SMMEs throughout South Africa to ensure that all have access to an online presence and empower even startup businesses to be on a level playing field with more established companies on an online and marketing platform. Any business can be successful with a correct marketing strategy in place to compliment their hard work and talent in whichever industry they are.


Phakamisa Online is managed by the shareholders who collectively have over 20 years of experience within the industry. It is this experience and knowledge that has inspired Phakamisa Online to empower SMMEs with an online presence. The knowledge gained also extends to the design as well as sales and marketing strategies previously reserved for bigger conglomorates which is now passed on to SMMEs.
We have also over the years secured working and ongoing partnerships with other service providers in the industry and have developed business relationships that allow us to offer websites at a fraction of the cost offered by other companies


Phakamisa Online previously Small Business Online has saved countless number of small businesses from sinking before they float due to accepting contracts to the value of thousands of rands just to have an online presence. We have been able to not only arrange their websites for a fraction of the price but also guide them on how to market their small businesses effectively and as affordably as possible. To Phakamisa Online, helping one business become successful by advising them on an appropriate online marketing strategy is considered a major achievement.


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